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Love me or hate me for it, but I’m the kind of person who wakes up and puts on makeup even if there are no explicit plans to leave the house that day. I’m also the kind of person who uses multiple bags and purses in one day, and am Boy Scout-level prepared (usually).

Becoming a Platinum-level Ulta Rewards member last year was an achievement that only pales next to earning my Masters degree in the same year. My husband is likely ashamed to look at our Mint account simply based on Makeup having its own category in our expenses, next to basic needs like heating and water.

In the last few years as I’ve built my makeup collection/arsenal, I’ve really come to appreciate the happy medium you can find between high-end products and bargains. I’m sharing my staples below- the products that are almost always in my bag, and are the first I reach for when I’m packing to travel. Be sure to stick around for your chance to win some goodies in my first-ever giveaway below!

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Essence Eye Shadow Base

There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary for me to gush about how much I love eye primer. I don’t know if there are still people out there who are not priming their lids before they put eyeshadow on, but if you’re one of these people, I beg you to try this and tell me it’s not life changing.

I discovered this on Pinterest as a “dupe” for Benefit’s Stay, Don’t Stray primer, aka my former love. Essence’s version packs the same punch and keeps your eyeshadow clinging for dear life at the end of the day.

makeup bag essentials |

Makeup Revolution Soph X Ultra 24 Eyeshadow Palette

I used this palette almost exclusively for a week and never ran out of possibilities- day, night, Mardi Gras, etc. I think that the mix of shimmery and matte help this be a palette you could bring with you on a work trip or a bachelorette weekend! I have auburn hair, but somewhat cool undertones, which leads me to bounce around between things that work for people with either cool or warm coloring.

I have no idea who Soph X is, but based on some YouTube research, I think she’s a beauty blogger from the UK. Regardless, props to her for putting together a really nice product!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I’m going to echo my thoughts above about eyeshadow primer, but please use setting spray if you are not already! I love All Nighter because it doesn’t have a shiny finish and feels very quick to dry. There’s nothing I love more than seeing my face still made up as if it was 7:00 AM when I’m about to jump in the shower 12 hours later. Shout out to all setting sprays everywhere, but especially this one.

Found Cosmetics Charcoal Sheet Mask

So I’m not on the mask 24/7/365 train at this point in my life, but a nice refreshing mask definitely can cure many ills. I came across Found Cosmetics on the @whoawaitwalmart Instagram, and really liked that they were emphasizing natural ingredients in their products. A lot of times we don’t think about the things that we are putting on or rubbing into our skin in hopes of cleansing and clarifying them.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

I love this mascara for many reasons, but mostly because I usually forget at least one crucial item every time I go on a trip. It’s usually a contact case, but on the off chance it’s ever mascara, I know this is an easy product to track down. Not having to put 900 coats of mascara on for some volume is great, as well as the lash primer that goes with this mascara.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to enter my giveaway below!

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Let me know below what you think your must-have beauty items are!

5 thoughts on “makeup bag staples”

  1. I have a few beauty must-haves! The first one is my Fenty foundation. I bought this on a whim because I received some Sephora gift cards for Christmas and I was desperate to find a foundation that actually covered up my blemishes. It is by far the best foundation I have ever used. I was able to find a shade that matched my skin color perfectly and it has great coverage. Also, a little bit of this foundation goes a long way so in my opinion, it was money well spent.

    My second must-have item is my Colourpop Golden State I’d Mind eyeshadow palette. This is my go-to palette because I can use it day after day and the possibilities are endless. It is also super pigmented and has a little shimmer to it which I love.

    My third must-have item is my Glow Recipe Watermelon face mask. All I can say is wow! I put it on right before I go to bed and in the morning my skin is so soft. The mask goes on very nicely and once it dries, it doesn’t feel like you have something caked on your face. Plus it smells like watermelon so that’s a plus.

    My final must-have product is my Tarte Tartiest mascara. This mascara gives my eyelashes so much volume that I don’t get mad at myself for not wearing fake lashes. Believe it or not the one and only time I wore fake lashes was at your wedding. I really disliked the feeling of them and they ended up falling off at the beginning of the reception so I was a little disappointed. Maybe one day I’ll give them another try, but the Tartiest mascara is a great backup plan for the time being.


    1. I LOVE FENTY FOUNDATION!!! Ahhh, I am not much of a foundation-wearer but I tried it on aw him too, and absolutely loved it. I think it’s so cool she made the product for every skin color under the sun too. It also doesn’t feel like you have foundation on, which is a huge plus!

      I definitely need to check out the watermelon face mask, that sounds amazing and same with the colourpop palette. I’ve tried their liquid lipstick but so far no eyeshadow. I may need to check what Ulta’s near me have their line now and see for myself.

      I HATE fake lashes too… glad it’s not just me! I have this from my boxycharm (I think?) in my to-try pile so maybe I’ll put some on tomorrow now that you reminded me 🙂


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