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I think I can chalk it up to Emily Ley and her Ruthless Decluttering Challenge that was all over social media earlier this month, but I was really feeling the notion of “experiences not things” when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year. When Brendan was gone an entire month last summer for the Army, I didn’t wish that I had more jewelry, clothes or decor, I wished that he was with me. This year, it was a no-brainer that what I really wanted was to eat an awesome meal and find something fun to do together.

dusek's | michelin star restaurant in chicago's pilsen neighborhood | deniseadelek.wordpress.com

Using Dabble, my husband found an awesome recycled wine bottle candle-making class in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The class was run by Chicago Candle Company, a brand that I have seen in a local shops, and all over Instagram. We headed into the city early, stopping at Dusek’s Board and Beer on 18th Street, which may have been one of my best Yelp finds yet! We didn’t realize at first that this was one of Chicago’s Michelin star gems, but quickly fell in love with the menu, beer list and the ambiance. The location mixes old with new really well, and without being overly on-trend. I had oysters and a curried chicken salad, and Brendan had the “Juicy Lucy” burger, which looked just as mouthwatering as my meal! Worth a stop if you’re in the area, and Pilsen definitely warrants an adventure. We will definitely go back and explore more!

The candle-making class itself was the icing on the cake after our delicious meal. We learned all about how to select the perfect wine bottle to recycle as a candle holder, and our instructor took his time to make sure that everyone felt comfortable working with the glass cutter and open flame. The loft/warehouse space is their candle-making studio, and set up to be extremely efficient to make large orders, but we were taught how we could do something like this at home on our own as well.


Using a special tool, you score the bottle lightly, which weakens the glass. You then use heat from a flame very briefly, and dunk the bottle in cold water. We got to choose from some of CCC’s most popular scents, and learned how to heat the wax, measure it, color and scent it. I struggled to narrow down a scent, but ended up with Mint Julep, while Brendan chose Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco, which was a really clean masculine scent.

chicago candle company candle-making class | deniseadelek.wordpress.com

As we waited for our wax to harden in the fridge, our instructor took us to see his favorite view of the city from the roof of the studio. Growing up on the north side of the city and then in the far north suburbs, I’ve never gotten used to seeing the city from a different approach. We had amazing un-obstructed views north to the skyline, and the photoshoot all of our classmates had killed the 20 minutes we needed to wait for our candles to cool.


I’m already scheming making more recycled wine bottle candles on my own, and of course I’m prowling the Dabble website to see what other cool things we can try. I hope this post has inspired you to try a new hobby or pursue an experience the next time you have a gift to give or receive!

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