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DIY with the best moms

Mother’s Day weekend is off to a great start in our family! As I emphasized in my birthday post, this year I’ve been all about experiences instead of things, so when I saw that Indigo & Violet Studio was running a cookie and card decorating class this weekend, I knew I had to go and bring the moms with!

indigo and violet studio | creative workship classes in chicago, il |

I’ve been following Leigh of Indigo & Violet on Instagram for a while now, and have been dying to get myself to one of the many classes that she hosts at her creative space. Her studio is everything it appears to be on social media, and then some! We loved getting to have a nice evening out to share some bubbly and get the creative juices flowing.

indigo & violet studio | creative classes in chicago |

Erin of ECBG Studio led our class and taught us some great techniques for how to watercolor paint on cookies using food coloring. She put together some yummy cookies with royal icing that we used as our blank canvases, and shared some of her edible gold leaf with us to take our cookies to the next level. It was a great time getting to talk to Erin about how her business is growing and what it looks like to make so many beautiful creations.

ecbg cake studio and indigo and violet | chicago cookie making class |

I love to paint, but the patience it takes to do watercolor is sometimes lost on me. Painting cookies is the perfect sized canvas, and I was able to work some magic on these cosmic-themed cookies. These masterpieces taste just as pretty as they look, an added bonus!

indigo and violet studio | creative classes chicago, il |

I’m definitely going to be refreshing the Indigo & Violet calendar for more events- it was fun having a night out with the moms where we got to take some goodies home with us and get to spend time together. When we weren’t dipping our paint brushes in our wine glasses (no surprise I did this more than once!) it was great to catch up and relax after a busy week. This was a great start to what I’m sure will be a lovely weekend celebrating all of the wonderful moms in my life- special shout out to some of my girlfriends who are celebrating their first ever Mother’s Day.


Have you ever painted with food coloring on cookies before? I’m dying to try learning how to do royal icing as well. Let me know in the comments if you’ve done this before!

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