six things to always pack

When I sit down to count, my mind is blown when I realize how many times I’ve been on a plane in the last few months to travel away from home. I travel a decent amount for my job, and in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve also been bitten by the insatiable travel bug on my own time too. I feel like I’m unpacking just to re-pack for a new adventure- minus the few times I’ve forgotten to pack underwear, I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at curating what to bring (and leave behind). Here are a few of my essentials:


At the end of the day, even the best location cannot beat our home, so I’ve learned how to bring the comforts of home with me as best I can. This post features the six things that I don’t even bother unpacking from my suitcase, because they are the end-all-be-all of packed items.

Sleep mask, ear plugs and melatonin

When I travel for work, there’s a lot less to control, and many creeping thoughts come around at bedtime. I’ve found that melatonin can help me wind down in foreign territory, and ear plugs and a sleep mask can help me do the rest. I use dissolvable melatonin, in order to spare myself a trip to the ice machine.

At least three ebooks

This could be me, a crazy person speaking here, but nothing is better than cozying up with a book on a long flight, or tucking into a nice coffee shop to kill some time with a good read on a trip. I’m a little more fickle about my books when I’m on vacation, so I always like to have a few to choose from on my iPad. I also download a bunch of magazines from my library’s magazine app to flip through on the plane as we wait to take off. My love letter to the public library system will come in another post, but having a library card has afforded me so many benefits besides books!

Philosophy Purity face wash

philosophy purity face wash: must pack travel itemsI’m not sure when exactly it was ingrained in my memory, but I never go to sleep without washing my face. Even on my 21st birthday, I somehow managed to take my contacts out and wash all of my makeup off my face. I swear by Purity by Philosophy, since it’s a gentle cleanser that doesn’t make your skin feel like it’s gasping for moisture when all is said and done. I pair it with these cute little eye makeup remover mitts, and it’s a seamless, painless experience.


Have you ever been in fluorescent lighting and noticed that your eyebrows look way more out of control than they do when you’re at home? Hotel bathroom lighting tells all, and it’ll behoove you to make sure you can do something about it while you have the chance! I actually always have a set of tweezers with me in my wallet, but I digress.

Page-a-Day journal

page a day journal and other good habits to make | deniseadelek.wordpress.comIf you read my post on good habits to get into, you may know that I’ve kept a journal since I could hold a pen in my hand. My page-a-day journal has been with me to 10+ countries, and has been with me for the last five years, every single day. There have been nights when I’m too tired (or other things, in which case I get caught up the next day over some tylenol and coconut water :)), but I’m always glad to have the chance to write even a few sentences about where life has taken me.

Packing tape

Finding one-of-a-kind keepsakes and art on trips is one of the best ways to get a memorable souvenir for myself or for friends. I’ve shipped items back home on more trips than I can count, but have always been frustrated by the way I packed items, or by how much extra it ended up costing me to send things home. When I sent goodies home from Mardi Gras (at a whopping $40 for a small but heavy box), paying $7 at the post office for packing tape was a punch in the gut. Having a few things to help make shipping things back home more economical helps make the choice between “should I buy this?” and regretting not buying something a little easier.

Where is your next trip to? I’m leaving for Denver tomorrow morning and am excited to hit the ground running for an exciting work trip with some bonus hours thrown in to spend time with friends! Thanks for reading

Six items you'll always find in my suitcase, travel must-haves packing list

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