The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin

For me, I was sold on the cover of The Queen of Hearts before I even cracked the book open, but of course I had to read it too. I’d seen a ton of beautiful Instagram posts about this book, and had heard it buzzed about in many different outlets. I finally tracked a copy down from our library and jumped right in following a disappointing jaunt with an advanced reader copy of a late-summer release.

the queen of hearts by kimmery martin | summer beach read book review |

The Queen of Hearts is told from the perspective of two female physicians, Emma, a trauma surgeon and Zadie, a pediatric cardiologist. Emma and Zadie are instant best friends from the moment they meet, and their medical schooling is woven together through their residency and fellowship in Louisville, Kentucky. The story alternates between their residency, when a traumatic event happens to the duo, and to present day, when another event threatens to tear apart their years of solid friendship.

queen of hearts

I liked that this story featured two highly-educated, career-driven women who were nowhere near perfect. They juggled children, marriages and female friendship well, but still struggled with challenges at their jobs, with their friends, and being mothers and wives. All too often, I find myself reading about the *perfect* character who seems to have it all together and live an entirely unrealistic life.

The secrets and intrigue in this story make it utterly readable, I tore through this in about a day and a half with no problem. Stick this in your carry-on or beach bag and you’ll be sure to check it off your list.

For: people with a greater-than-average knowledge of medicine, readers who like strong female characters, and those who want to band together over a mutually disliked character.

Pairs well with: a generously poured glass of red wine and a night you can stay up late to finish.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Have you read The Queen of Hearts? Let me know what you thought below!

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