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when you spend your wedding anniversary alone

As soon as my husband received the 2018 drill schedule for his unit, I had a sinking feeling we wouldn’t be going on an anniversary trip this year, or even get to spend the day together. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that both of us would be able to celebrate our birthdays together, and that there weren’t any (planned) major life events in conflict, but was absolutely not looking forward to the month that Beau and I would be spending on our own. And by not looking forward to, what I actually mean is– quietly enjoying a much tidier house with very low socks left on the floor quotient and snuggling with Beau as we read a lot of books and miss Brendan.what happens when you spend your anniversary alone |

This is by no means a post complaining about the situation that we are in. I am over-the-moon proud of my husband and everything that he has accomplished in his career in the Army, and my heart goes out to those whose partners are overseas, in combat, or never came home.

What this post is: ruminations about just how much I talk to myself and to the dog, an update on my attempt to not grocery shop for a whole month, and a wellness check to make sure I haven’t completely turned into an introvert.

About a week and a half in, I started to “text” Brendan from the Notepad app on my phone. Rather that inundating him with 900 messages that come in all at once like a stalker, I decided to itemize and prioritize an agenda of topics that I wanted to present to B upon his return. When Notepad stopped serving its purpose, I created a new notebook in OneNote.


Some women complain of “mom brain” but here I am using my mental capacity to power rank conversation topics that I plan to present to my husband like it’s a quarterly sales meeting. Someone please stop me when I begin to prepare an on-boarding manual– “Chapter One: I Tried to be Relatable In an Instagram Caption and Received Many Offers to Help Me Start the Mower, Because in Fact, EVERYONE Knows How to Start a Mower.”

This time has really taught me who our biggest supporters are, whether it’s people offering to mow our lawn when I made a lame attempt to be funny in an Instagram post (see above), the friends who invited me over/out for dinner, and of course both sets of our wonderful parents. Shout out to Beau, who loves going for long walks and sniffing every light post. Thanks to him, our half mile walks actually take a half an hour!

What did I actually learn from spending my second wedding anniversary without my husband? To be less of a baby about it. Brendan and I have the entire foreseeable future together to make memories. Our anniversary is a single day, just as these last four weeks have only been a small blip on the radar.

When our official anniversary rolls around, I know that I’ll be grateful for the love, partnership and friendship that we have, because absence has absolutely made our hearts grow fonder. Well, I guess I can only speak for myself here. I’m thinking as Brendan spends yet another day at 900% humidity, that he’s mostly thinking about air conditioning and a shower.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and a special thanks to everyone who has reached out over the last few weeks to make sure that Beau and I are feeling the love!



6 thoughts on “when you spend your wedding anniversary alone”

  1. We love you sweetie. Your brother in law will come and cut the lawn (thats why we had kids!) and Randy and I would love to take you to dinner on your anniversary to thank you for taking Brendan off our hands!


  2. I’ve definitely kept an ongoing Notes draft of random things I want to bring up to Frank in person when he’s traveling for work lol, and that’s only for a couple of days. I can only imagine how much I’d write for 4 weeks 😂


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