Making the most of traveling for work

As the queen of wanderlust, I feel like getting to travel for work is one of my best job duties. In the last year or so, I’ve gotten to travel to major U.S. cities, rural Appalachia, Las Vegas, and even Jackson, MS. While I am by no means an expert traveler, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help you be a better work (or fun) traveler!

making the most out of traveling for work |

Get a credit card with a great rewards program
I use the Capital One Venture card and can’t say enough great things about it. Originally, I snagged it to take advantage of the possibility to get points towards airfare, but realized that gift cards were the way to go. After using it for a few trips, I was able to compile the rewards into an Amazon gift card to buy my Canon Rebel T6. Patience was the key here, but it was well worth it!

Additionally, Capital One covers the cost of getting TSA Pre Checked (or global entry, from what I recall), which savesyou time and shenanigans in the airport.

Take advantage of what’s around you
If I have a choice in where I’m staying, I always try to pick a hotel that’s in a walkable area near multiple things to do. One of my favorite things to check out while on the go is an indie bookstore, although a prolific library will do just fine. Coffee and craft beer is a close second, both of which are easier and easier to find.

Like a true millennial, I always check out locations on Instagram before I get somewhere, too. I feel better about having some down time on my hands when I have a list of places to check out!

Master the art of packing
I have a go-to bag of items I know I will end up needing that floats around in my suitcase, sparing me from late night trips to a CVS. Without fail, I always end up needing: a safety pin, extra hair tie, a bandaid (ask me about the time I got poison ivy on a work trip), a sleep mask and earplugs. I’m also that person who packs for any and all occasions, because you never know.

This type of packing is not becoming of a budget-friendly personal trip, and I recently learned that exclusively carrying on is not for me. I do know that whatever I have to pay to check a bag is well-worth it over having to pay $17 for a pair of tweezers in the hotel gift shop! I also have status on American, which helps in the free bag department.


Maintain some of your routine
When I’m at home, I’m a dedicated 5:00 PM Crossfitter. I pass our gym on the way home from work, so there’s really no excuse! I do my research ahead of time to see where the closest affiliate is and make sure that I can find a time to drop in. Sometimes this means waking up extra early to get to a 5:30 AM class, but I’m always glad that I made it in.

I make a point of dropping in when I’m on vacation as well, just to offset the vacation calories I’m consuming! No matter what you do to exercise, most things are universal. Bring your running shoes, yoga mat, or try to snag a discounted guest pass at a fitness center. I never thought I’d admit this, but even hotel gyms are starting to step it up!


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