that awkward moment when you forget to blog

61c83377-cd68-473b-8668-568120bb54e3As I write this, our sweet little girl dog Delaney is trying to use my lap and arms as a dog bed… which should be reason enough to explain my brief absence from the blogging world. Lately, I’ve been all over the place- beer fests with friends, bridesmaid dress fittings, work trips that extend to much-needed R&R. Most of 2019 has been the antithesis of me being in front of my computer!

Read on for a couple of additional things that have kept me away from my blog!

Setting up a Qapital account
I love the concept of set-it and forget-it. All of our charitable donations are done through recurring monthly gifts, and I love how easy it is the use small gifts to make a big impact. I love saving money in this same way. Brendan and I set up a joint Qapital account to save towards a trip, build a nest egg, and reward good habits with money toward things we want to buy.

Saving with Qapital www.deniseadelek.comI turned the round up feature on, and all transactions on my card get rounded up to the nearest dollar, and that change goes into our travel slush fund account. Every time we use our debit cards, a dollar goes to our nest egg. Additionally, whenever I hit 10,000 steps, or enter the geofence I made for the gym, I get $1 toward the Louis Vuitton Neverfull I’ve been lusting after.

It’ll feel so rewarding to press buy on the purse after I “earned” it, as opposed to just buying it straight up. Get your own account here.

Still doing WeightWatchers
I started doing WeightWatchers last fall as an opportunity to be accountable with my nutrition, and also try to lose some weight. I’ve had a great time discovering low-point treats and making fun substitutes. Who knew that cauliflower crust pizza could be so good? The new SmartPoints (SP) make it really easy for me to load up on zero-point veggies and save my points for yummy cider and champagne.

My favorite treat is to whip up a batch of sugar-free vanilla pudding (1SP per serving), throw in some slices bananas (0SP) and top it with a dollop of Cool-Whip (1SP for 2 tablespoons). You can sprinkle graham crackers on top for another point or two, and it feels like a really decadent dessert.

Reading a million ARCs

American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton

I went a little crazy over on Netgalley and ended up with 12 books to read and review for the first half of 2019. I’m on a book buying and library book hiatus until I can make a dent in these reviews, but naturally this hasn’t stopped anything. Books keep showing up at my doorstep!

I recently read and LOVED American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton. I’ll be sharing a review of it soon, but it comes out next Tuesday and is worth tracking down. I’ve been on such a historical fiction kick lately, that I couldn’t resist!

Booking a bunch of trips
Nothing is more satisfying than putting a trip (or three) on the calendar! This spring and summer, we are going to be traveling all over. My mom and I booked a girls weekend trip to New Orleans (of course) to celebrate a few milestones. Brendan and I will be heading to Austin and Des Moines to visit friends and family, then we’ll end the summer with two weddings in Denver and Milwaukee. Nothing like getting those hotel and airline points!

Now accepting any and all Austin & DSM suggestions in the comments below! Happy Friday Eve!

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